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Emilcott TSCA Resource Center Expands with More Info and Options

Posted by Shivi Kakar

Oct 26, 2011 3:56:01 PM

TSCA Form UPaula Kaufmann, CIH

TSCA questions are pouring in and we are responding.  To ensure that the information is available in a reasonable (and non-overwhelming) way, Emilcott has created a TSCA resource section of our web site for centralizing all kinds of intelligence, notifications, links, and summaries about Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) 2012 Chemical Data Reporting (CDR).

All these pages (just click on the headers) are available from the Emilcott Home page but we suggest you bookmark the pages that are most relevant and don’t forget to register for our December 6th Free Webinar!

Emilcott TSCA Resource Center

The TSCA Resource Center has moved from the Emilcott home page to a new page – lots of information including all our TSCA-related EHSwire blogs (CDR and IUR) and EPA Chemical Data Reporting Links, EPA New Chemicals Links, and EPA Import/Export Links. This page will stay updated so that you have a one-stop location for all TSCA information. If you have specific issues you’d like to see addressed here, please let us know.

Free EMILCOTT TSCA 2012 CDR Webinar (Save the date for Dec 6th.)

If you are wondering about the 2012 changes and how they will affect you, this FREE webinar is for you.  We will review the CDR requirements for 2012 as well as discuss some of the legal issues related to the standard of “known to or reasonably ascertainable by” for processing and use information and the upfront Confidential Business Information (CBI) substantiation. Developed for corporate attorneys, EHS managers, and regulatory affairs and environmental staff, the webinar will include an open-ended Q&A at the end so feel free to sign up, listen in and fire away. And, yes, of course, invite your co-workers and industry associates.

Emilcott TSCA-related Services

As we have seen with the change from IUR to CDR, compliance with TSCA regulations has become more challenging as companies must respond to increased regulatory activity and new information requests. As the EPA is really buckling down on enforcement, it’s certainly much smarter and less expensive to do it right the first time. If you need guidance, oversight, Form U filing help or more, just ask Emilcott.

EPA Violations for TSCA Non-compliance

Yes, every company wants to be in compliance – it’s much better to be on the good side of the EPA, right? However, TSCA regulations and filings are tricky, and it’s easy to misstep even when you’re trying to do the right thing. If you end up with a compliance violation and need some assistance, oversight or hand-holding, check out Emilcott’s services here. We have helped several companies reduce their fines by working with the EPA to demonstrate good will and a plan to get into compliance…quickly!

Free TSCA Newsletter

Get TSCA information delivered right to your email in-box – a quick subscribe!

More TSCA Information is Coming

As Emilcott continues to field a wide-range of questions from our clients and other TSCA-affected companies, we will post our responses through blogs on EHSwire and publish them in our TSCA Newsletter. If you have questions or needs specific to your organization, do not hesitate to contact me directly – a teamwork approach can transform TSCA compliance from dread and uncertainty to an interesting challenge!

How are you studying and keeping up to date with the changes in TSCA reporting for 2012? Are you signed up for the Emilcott TSCA newsletter? Have you registered for the Emilcott webinar on Dec 6th?  Do you have any TSCA questions that you would like us to include in our blog and newsletter?

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