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Fracking vs Acidizing

Posted by Shivi Kakar

Sep 17, 2013 9:22:00 AM

In the quest to find new and improved ways to release crude oil and natural gas from shale, various controversial methods have been developed and employed.  One method, hydraulic fracturing, which is informally referred to as “fracking,” is a process that typically involves injecting water and chemicals under high pressure into a bedrock formation to create fissures from which natural gas and oil can be extracted. Hydraulic fracking is the most common method and has been the subject of recent controversy due to potential health, safety and environmental issues. The majority of fluid used in hydraulic fracking is millions of gallons of water, with less than one percent comprised of other chemicals.  

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Topics: hydraulic fracturing, fracking, acidizing, hydrofluoric acid (HF acid), Robert Collier Distracted by Fracking, Safe Drinking Water Act, Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, California Occupational Safety and Health Administ

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