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Mounting and Dismounting Heavy Equipment

Posted by Shivi Kakar

May 19, 2015 11:00:00 AM

DidYouKnow_Icon_largeThe proper procedure for mounting and dismounting construction equipment will vary, depending on the machine.

Maintain three-point contact at all times while getting onto/off of the equipment until reaching ground, cab, or stable platform



are a few tips to use for mounting or dismounting construction equipment:

  • Always face equipment when mounting and dismounting.

  • Always use handrails, handholds and steps when mounting or dismounting equipment.

  • Never use operating levers or steering wheels instead of handholds and handrails.

  • Never step at an angle
  • Never jump from the equipment to the ground.  Always Step down carefully while facing equipment 

  • Place your foot on the step or foothold just in front of your heel, under the arch.

  • Make sure the soles of your boots are clean

  • Inspect and, when necessary, clean the rungs and cleats of your equipment’s access ladders before you mount or dismount your equipment.

  • Do not carry tools, paperwork or coffee in one hand while attempting to mount or dismount equipment

  • Carry tools in a tool belt, or have a co-worker hand them to you

Be especially careful when mounting or dismounting equipment, specifically:
  • Very early morning - Dew can form on access steps.

  • On wet/rainy or snowy/icy days when access steps can be slick

Never mount or dismount moving equipment. Always shut off the equipment and put it in park before dismounting.

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