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Field Tested Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Part 5

Posted by Shivi Kakar

Apr 3, 2013 11:29:00 AM

field_tested_personal_protective_equipmentThis will be our last (but not least) installment of Top 5 PPE from some highly-experienced and veteran EHS professionals; Dian Cucchisi and Laurie deLaski, both with over 25 years experience! 

Their contribution certainly takes age into consideration and PPE requirements due change as we grow older…and wiser!

My Top 5 Favorite PPE by Dian Cucchisi, CHMM, Ph D., & Laurie deLaski, CIH  

Dian - “I don't think I have 5 top PPE choices, but I do have a few favorites”:

Hearing Protection: I like the tapered ear plugs because as a woman my ears are a bit small.  Tapered ear plugs take that into consideration.  There are few good brands out there but I usually gravitate to Moldex.  I also like to have the ones that are corded so that it is easy to take them out and put them back in again.

Safety Glasses: Well, being over 50 I wear glasses to read (actually been doing that since the age of 17), so rather than putting safety glasses over my reading glasses, which is clumsy, or getting my safety glasses in my current prescription (because being over 50 it changes from year to year), I use the safety glasses with a magnifier.  They look a bit like the traditional bifocal glasses, but at $10 a pair, I can get them in various shades for indoor and outdoor use.  I typically buy Crews Magnifier Safety Glasses because they are lightweight and the styles are cool.

Cold Exposure Protection:  I like good old Hot Hands.  I buy boxes and boxes of them in the winter time and give them out to my folks and make use of them myself.

Laurie- “I only have 2 choices of PPE that I can be specific about”.

Safety Glasses: Genesis Readers—these are like bifocals, just with magnifying readers on the bottom.  They are adjustable in temple length and angle which makes a better fit and more comfort.  They come in a variety of strengths and tints and are made in the USA.

Hearing Protection: I prefer Howard Leight, Laser Lite Ear plugs. They are softer and easier to roll than other foam plugs, the bullet shape is more comfortable and easier to insert.  And I wear them every night since my hubby snores so loud.

Readership for these blog installments has been great—but we think you get the point. PPE is required, but if it’s comfortable and functional, it is more likely to be used and used correctly.  Obviously, we don’t have to harangue our staff to wear PPE, but they clearly have preferences and can evaluate the merits of some brands over others.  If you are having issues getting employees or co-workers to use PPE, consider letting them evaluate different brand options. The more comfortable, the more likely it is to be utilized.

If you are an employer interested in purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) we have some great information to help you get started!


Free Employer Guideline for Purchasing PPE

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