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Field Tested Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Part 4

Posted by Shivi Kakar

Mar 19, 2013 1:18:00 PM

personal_protective_equipmentBased on the large numbers of folks who have read our PPE Top 5 Blogs, we can see that they are popular. So, here is the forth installment.

My Top 5 Favorite PPE by Jon Quatermas, EHS Consultant

Jon spends the majority of his time outdoors and has worked on some of the busiest and most hazardous sites around!  He actually met his wife while cleaning up anthrax! This man KNOWS PPE.  His twist—no need to sacrifice style.  Again…he met his wife while cleaning up anthrax.

Here’s his top five (GQ take note):

1) I like Wiley X safety glasses. If I am going to wear glasses every day, I might as well be stylish.

2) I wear Red Wing King Toe Boots with composite safety toe. They have a wide toe box and composite toe that won’t transmit cold to my feet—keeping my feet happy. It is very important to keep your feet happy if you are on them all day.

3) For inclement weather I sport, Occunomix high vis rain gear. Again, I will say that if I have to wear it all day, it might as well look attractive.

4) I prefer Mechanix brand, wind resistant, winter work gloves. If my hands are warm, I am happy. Do you see a pattern developing?

5) Nothing beats LaCross rubber mud boots. They are pricey but comfortable. Again, happy feet, mean happy Jon.


If you are an employer interested in purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) we have some great information to help you get started!

Free Employer Guideline for Purchasing PPE

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