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OSHA Forms

Posted by Emilcott Associates

Dec 29, 2015 12:18:00 PM

There are three OSHA recordkeeping forms that you should we aware of as an employer.  These include the OSHA 300 Log, the OSHA Form 301 and the OSHA 300A.  The OSHA 300 Log is used to record and track work-related injuries and illnesses as well as any associated lost, restricted or transfer days.  The OSHA Form 301 is used to describe details associated with work-related injuries and illnesses and to report Workers’ Compensation claims to insurance carriers.  It is not unusual for many insurance companies to have an “equivalent” to the 301 Form that they use internally.  OSHA allows for the use of an equivalent form, provided that it contains as least the same required information as the OSHA Form 301.  The OSHA 300A or annual summary, only includes a summary of work-related injury and illness information including the number of cases, all associated lost and/or restricted days and selected operational information such as the employers address and NAICS or SIC codes.  Key requirements of the OSHA 300A are that it must be reviewed by a senior member of the management team, signed to indicate their approval and posted for a specific period of time.  Additional information on each of the three forms is contained below.  All forms are available at

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Topics: OSHA, OSHA Compliance, OSHA 300A Preparation

OSHA 300A Preparation, Posting and Retention Requirements

Posted by Shivi Kakar

Jan 19, 2015 2:19:00 PM

The OSHA 300A Annual Recordkeeping Summary Form must be prepared and posted by February 1, 2015. These requirements are specified in 29 CFR §1904.32-33.

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Topics: OSHA 300A Preparation, Posting and Retention Requirements, OSHA 300A Annual Recordkeeping Summary Form

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