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Health and Safety Training for Small Business Compliance

Posted by Shivi Kakar

Jun 11, 2013 11:13:00 AM

trainingWorkplace safety is in everyone’s interest. OSHA recognizes that small business owners face special challenges when trying to implement health and safety training procedures. For starters, operations with a limited staff do not usually have the resources to employ workers whose job description almost exclusively deals with health and safety. Yet business owners, employees and officials also understand that a safe work environment is of paramount importance to companies of any size.

Workplace Safety is a Good Business Practice

OSHA officials estimate that an adequate health and safety program can save as much as $5 for every $1 invested. Directly linking it to boosted employee morale, the officials also note that it is vital for worker productivity. Workplace safety’s most tangible benefit is a marked absence or decrease in workers’ compensation costs and missed workdays.

Health and Safety Training Benefits Even the Smallest Business

Even if your operation has less than 250 employees, it will benefit from a customized health and safety program that focuses on the unique aspects of your workplace setting. Every business has distinctive risks for the workers involved in the operation. This is true even if you rely on subcontractors to do the lion’s share of the work. Implementing the proper programs and then training employees and subcontractors in these programs is sound business practice. Many companies now require proof of H&S programs and employee training program implementation as part of their vendor qualifications. Don’t risk your company being excluded as a viable vendor because it lacks the proper verification of H&S programs and employee training. 

Going It Alone is Rarely Beneficial

Unless your expertise is in the area of OSHA compliance, you will find the process somewhat daunting. Of course, all small business compliance issues vary. You may already have a partially compiled safety manual, a rudimentary site assessment and even plans for health and safety training sessions. Putting it all together calls for the expertise of a partner with plenty of compliance experience.

It is in the arena of small business compliance that the right partnerships make all the difference. Emilcott offers a small business compliance plan that is an affordable means for the small business owner to get and remain in full OSHA compliance. Contact us today for information what we can do for your operation.


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