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Posted by Shivi Kakar

Oct 28, 2008 5:35:40 AM


You can easily find web logs for environmental issues – they are abundant. By some estimates, there are as many at 500,000 blog sites on environmental topics. Most are dedicated to environmental conservation. Some are directed toward regulatory issues and compliance. Very, very few are posted for the environmental professional.

On those subjects dealing with occupation health and safety, there are much fewer weblogs – many of them are from Canada or Europe. EHS Wire may be the first blog site to focus on the unique group of professionals practicing environmental health, occupational health and worker/public safety. So thanks for checking us out!

What we hope to achieve on these pages…

Look for lots of good information to help the EHS professional do their job better. Look for resources, guidelines, tips, regulatory updates and reviews. Most importantly, look for good old fashioned sharing – professional to professional. EHS wire will have contributions from folks certified in Industrial Hygiene, Safety, Hazardous Materials Management, Construction Safety and LEED. There will be postings from the Health & Safety Officer working on a construction site, the PhD in adult Education designing a Fall Protection course, the 20-year EHS veteran with a Masters in Public Health dealing with chromium contamination within a densely populated urban area – as well as many others. We will try to leave no EHS topic “unturned”. So again – WELCOME! Enjoy, comment and please log back in soon.

Topics: General Industry H&S, worker safety, Occupational Health, Occupational Safety

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