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You need to be trained to do that? What many people don’t know about fire safety!

Posted by Shivi Kakar

Dec 12, 2008 9:56:33 AM

Meeting OSHA Fire Safety Requirements

John DeFillippo

Many people don’t realize that OSHA requires annual fire safety training.  This includes mandatory, hands-on training for all company employees that may have to use a portable fire extinguisher.  Failure to comply with these standards can subject employers to heavy fines. Many company owners and executives are surprised to learn about these requirements when it is already too late.

As an employee, be aware; employers who believe that such things as a “DO NOT TOUCH” sign above a fire extinguisher will satisfy an OSHA inspection.  It won’t.  Also, if one employee states they either used or would use the extinguisher during a fire (without proper training), that company would be subject to these fines.

In the long run, these companies learn a harsh lesson and realize that it would have been cheaper to train their employees. But most importantly, a properly trained employee may prevent millions of dollars in damage and even save lives.

The BullEx “Bulls Eye” digital extinguisher system makes this training extremely easy and cost effective compared to traditional, live fire exercises. There is no need for a live burn with its associated dangers, liabilities and permit requirements. It can even be used indoors and near hazardous locations. This technology allows employers to satisfy the OSHA standards while taking away the danger of a real fire.

These types of trainings used to take a large amount of time and careful planning.  With the “Bulls Eye” system fire training is easy.  BullEx can literally train hundreds of people a day with the capability of its digital technology.

The system uses a LED display to create the impression of a real fire.  Also, it is accurate enough to detect if the training is being performed correctly by responding to the trainee’s actions.  The “fire” will only go out if the extinguisher is used properly.  The system also had the capabilities of generating higher levels of flame and re-ignition scenarios.

“BullEx fire extinguisher training systems make annual OSHA extinguisher training clean, safe and easy. Through patented technology, BullEx systems can actually sense where the trainee aims and sweeps the training extinguisher and automatically varies the flames in response. BullEx training extinguishers utilize either compressed air and water, or a conical laser pattern to simulate the discharge of an actual extinguisher without the cost and mess.” (

This type of training goes beyond a lecture or a video.  It provides hands on training that satisfies the OSHA requirements for fire safety.  Also, with the only mess coming from the discharged amount of water you use, cleaning up is effortless. While training outside is preferable, employees can use the system indoors with an adequate drainage system.

The benefit of proper fire safety training not only helps a company maintain compliance, it also helps its employees learn valuable lessons as well.  Many training sessions have led its attendees to feel more confident about fire safety in the work place as well as in their own homes.

Visit the following links for more information on the BullEx system and to find organizations that give trainings on fire safety.

Training for BullEx

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