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Swine Flu: Webinar

Posted by Shivi Kakar

May 12, 2009 10:26:21 AM

Swine Flu Webinar: Planning, Prevention and Response

Dale Wilson, CIH LEED AP contributing writer Dale Wilson, CIH LEED AP, touched on the Swine Flu subject last week in his post – “The Swine Flu Panic: Were You Ready?: Pandemic Response Planning for Businesses”.

In this post he spoke about many issues that were either left out, or pushed back in their level of importance by the media concerning work related scenarios. A May 15th Webinar, developed by EHS professionals, will further detail the Planning, Prevention and Response to the virus should it ever become an epidemic or affect your workplace.

Included Information:

“Pandemic-specific planning should include developing procedures for:
• Establishing a Response Team and Team Leader, including responsible representatives from all departments
• Restricting access to you facility to anyone exhibiting flu-like symptoms
• Promotion of personal hygiene and the specifics, such as signage and supplies to maintain a sanitary environment
• The potential increase of workplace housekeeping activity and the specifics of what, where and how
• Evaluation and possible changes of attendance policies
• Possible restriction of non-essential travel
• Possible restriction or minimization of group meetings and implementation of teleconferences or telecommuting
• The potential need to increase fresh air ventilation and/or the efficiency of HVAC system filters.”

– Dale Wilson

Visit - H1N1_influenza_A.asp - For More Information

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